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Meet Adam Karol

Born and raised in Topeka, KS where my dad served as the Rabbi of a small (and, of course, mighty) Reform congregation, I eventually made my way to New York City after graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I've spent the last 10+ years developing and implementing communications systems and strategy at national and local non-profits.

I've worked with teams of 5 to 500, and I believe that every organization, regardless of staff size and finances, deserves nice things. You have access to the resources necessary to efficiently serve your constituency and to build a beautiful brand. You know your organization does excellent work - I want to partner with you to develop the website, email marketing campaigns, print materials, and communications workflows to match.

The 4Qs

What are we doing?

 I get to know your current digital and print pieces then recommend enhancements or conceptualize new platforms to ensure alignment with your goals.

How do we look?

I work with you to cultivate and establish an aesthetic that clearly reflects your identity and culture.

What's in our toolbox?

I introduce (and research where necessary) industry trending products and resources to efficiently and effectively achieve your objectives.

How do we sustain it?

I help implement realistic communications solutions and workflows tailored to your needs and capacity.


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